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Language: English – indoneshian

Size: 0.99GB, 3.75GB

Quality: 720p, 1080p WEBRip

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime

Country: Indonesia

Actors: Abimana Aryasatya, Putri Marino, Lutesha

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The Big Four Full Movie Review:

This was simply pointlessly excessively lengthy, and the humor was excessively childish, constrained and obsolete. The miserable part is that it might have handily been greatly improved had a portion of the messy discourse been discarded, and the whole film’s 141 min runtime slice down to something like 90 mins. The long hauled out and for the most part unsurprising and senseless scenes detracted from which began as a nice story, then went full on smell cheddar with the faltering obsolete humor, and platitudes. The projecting and exhibitions were fair generally, yet their childish exchange and dispositions removed a lot of any focusing on their characters. The activity was a mix of good and bad, in spite of the fact that there were a few cool arranged battles in the third demonstration. Had this been more limited, I might have said it’s a respectable one-time watch, however with no guarantees, I felt it was a misuse of my time and not worth even the one-time watch.